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Testimonials to my Coaching

"Since our session I actually feel more in control of what happens to me. I don't feel so vulnerable. At times I am able to check the escalation of negative feelings before they overwhelm me and render me helpless and hopeless. At this time in the vast continuum of life, I feel pretty good. I consider myself fortunate to have come in contact with you and your amazing gift. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. It was a most valuable experience. Again thank you from my heart." - L., Washington

"The session last week went really great! It gave me courage to go to that next level, which I had in me but hadn't been able to reach. It was very defining, very clarifying. I was scattered and you helped me consolidate. Thank you!" – J., Illinois

"I have done so well since our session. Really focused and more balanced and more grounded. And happy." – J., New Jersey

"I'm so glad I reached out to you after reading your book, it's wonderful working with you. I don't think 'blessed' would be too strong a word. I believe the work of our session is integrating well. I certainly feel a lot more energy in my system and find myself believing in myself - and willing to take steps forward - which is great. . . . Thank you so much for your help in accessing these parts of myself. Feels like home!" – J., Rhode Island

"Thanks for the session the other day! I loved it and I got a tremendous amount out of it. I am still processing it all but it feels like something rescrambled and shifted in my DNA and being state. You are a fantastic listener and very thorough." – N., Vancouver

"Thank you for a very good session last week, I found it powerful. I have been integrating and it's going quite well. I have been feeling good . . . as well as not being tormented by shoulds . . . but rather understanding it better and being more grounded. Very helpful. . . . There are a number of similarities in your story so I don’t think there is any coincidence that we found each other! Thanks for your care and wonderful coaching which is making a big difference in my life." — C., Belgium

"I am amazed at the difference in the way I feel and behave. I was deeply affected by the session . . . I feel more at home in my body . . . I can find more appropriate ways to react to things which I do not like and I find it easier to speak my truth in uncomfortable situations . . . [My husband] said that he finds me more relaxed . . . I feel like something has been lifted off me, allowing me to be more myself. I am lacking the words to accurately describe the change." — S., Australia

"Thank you so much for all the ways you got in there behind my skin to help me heal. Bless you for helping me feel safe with the work you do." — B., California

"The day was very powerful for me, I feel completely new and transformed. It showed me the path, and I'm remaking the home of my heart. I'm grateful to be starting a new chapter in my life." — P., Canada

"The experience today was amazing. Thank you for using what I already know, speaking my language. Thank you for hearing me; really hearing me. I had no idea how much was going to be set loose within. I’ve been told in the past to trust the process. This time I think I might be able to do that. Thank you so much." — J., Colorado

"I'm more at peace now. And I'm showing my gold to those around me, not 'hiding it beneath a basket' as I used to. Thank you for your part in my growth." — D., Michigan

"I enjoyed our session very much, it helped me tremendously. Thanks for showing up in my life, and thanks for being such a good teacher for me." — N., Colorado

"Thank you so much for a profound and powerful experience! For opening your home, kitchen, office to me and creating a strong and loving container within which I have been able to push further than ever before!" — A., Montana

"What you offer people is priceless!" — L., California

"Thank you so very much. My heart is held and known. I come away with many more chances to feel whole, real, available and lively, in all of my work. Your ways, skills, and your way of being with me helped me so very much. Oh I am glad and grateful." — J., Colorado

"You have gone with me to a place I have not gone before and I am amazed." — K., Colorado

"That was phenomenal, I feel SO much better. This work is just so amazing, I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is. I've worked with a lot of people on my stuff, and I have never felt so held, so unconditionally loved." — G., Colorado

"After our session, I crossed over into a more peaceful, trusting place in relation to all the changes occurring. That's feeling really just be as fully and truthfully in the present moment as possible, trusting the unfolding of life as it comes. ... I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and appreciate your work and loving presence so much. Thank you so much for both your skill and for who you are....a very safe, warm woman." — K., Colorado

"Alyce's warmth and caring come through strongly in her coaching work. She helped me to get clear on some key issues. I recommend her work highly." — C., California

"Alyce provided a safe and caring context for personal transformation. I was very thankful for the opportunity to share the innermost concerns of my heart, and be met with wise and empathetic understanding." — H., Colorado

"Alyce Barry is a truly masterful Shadow Work coach. Despite the fact that mine was a phone session, my experience was one of great break-through and clearing. Her sensitivity, discernment and awareness helped lead the way to a new level of strength, peace, power, clarity and purpose in my life." — L., California

"What a powerful 2 1/2 hours! ... I have a lot to think over, and I believe I will feel the effects of this session in my life for a long time." — L., Colorado

"My experience with Alyce was invaluable. Her gentle and kind nature fostered a wonderful, safe environment in which I could be open and honest about myself. I know that we have only touched the surface of all that dwells within me, but I have gained an amazing awareness about myself that I did not have prior to my day with her. I feel tremendous freedom from some of the things that have happened in my life that have literally sucked the wind out my sails. I am optimistic about where I am headed and enjoying my newfound freedom!" — K., Colorado

"The ingrained beliefs I had about not being deserving of financial success and doing work that I love have dropped away. Your coaching really HAS helped me take that final step in 'throwing away the garbage' of beliefs that have held me down. I feel so much more confident as I ask for what I now believe I deserve." — M., Illinois

"I wanted to thank you again for your help in defining my current direction. You have been really helpful in rooting out the real me." — J., Minnesota

"Something in the air has shifted, and I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying it! There are a lot of different kinds of work out there, and you're the one I'm going to call, because I'm seeing results." — D., Illinois

"During my work, it struck me how deeply you were listening. I felt really heard." — S., Texas

"I didn't get a chance to tell you what an incredibly healing experience it was for me. Please accept my deep appreciation and gratitude." — K., Wisconsin

"I am so grateful for the clarity I gained about my career. You will be glad to hear I have made the move I so feared, and it has turned out better than I could have expected." — V., Pennsylvania

"You are a wonderful facilitator — accepting and tireless and perceptive." — J., Illinois



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