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The most recent testimonials to my book, Practically Shameless, can be found at:

[In a broadcast email] "Here is a link to a great article on written by Cliff Barry's sister Alyce, who is also a Shadow Work Facilitator. It it called 'Holiday Strategies We Know and (Don't) Love.' The article illustrates ways in which shadowed energy shows up around holidays. The great thing about this article is that it teaches a deep layer of understanding about shadows in the Sovereign, Lover, Warrior and Magician quarters. I found it easy to relate to because these 'shadow strategies" are so familiar from actual life. I hope Alyce's insights will add to your awareness as we move into the holiday season. Here's the link:" — Tom Miller, Iowa

Alyce's note: I expanded on the essay Tom mentioned above on my audio CD, Home for the Holidays, for sale at my online store and at

"I was really touched and inspired by the courage it took to lay yourself bare like that [in your blog] about your financial situation and the fear that's involved. I've wondered why I was ever attracted to your website and weblog in the first place, when there are so many zillions of others I could have come across. I would like to believe it is because you have something to teach me. Firstly, I would like to write as beautifully as you do. Also, I liked the simplicity of your face, and the way you have of making complicated stuff simple." — Margaret Adams, Toronto, Canada

"You've put flesh on Jung's bones. You are an amazing writer, Alyce." — Lyman Coleman, Christian group leader, creator of Serendipity and marriage enrichment seminars, author of Antiquities of the Christian Church, the Serendipity books, and other titles

"I'm hooked, I want more. I've known for years that I had walls, and I visualize what you went through with yours, you're painted such a vivid picture. You've had to dig deep inside yourself to write like this, and I relate. An excellent read, it holds my attention, flows really well." — Mary Walilko, web designer

"I'm waiting to read the rest, and I don't usually read self-help books." — Donna Druchunas, knitting expert and author, From Sheep to Shawl

"I really enjoyed reading this portion of the manuscript ... the story swept me away." — Sharanjit Paddam, systems analyst


"WOW!! Alyce, what a great letter—direct, substantiated, forceful. The best I've seen in a long time. When are you running for office?!! May I share it with my reps in DC?"

"Fantastic letter!!! Wow!! I agree with everything that you say."

"You are right on. It touched my heart. Please put me on your email list for your thoughts and feelings of politics, justice, compassion, environment etc."

"Write on, right on. Hey, how 'bout you run for President. You've got my vote."

"What a great letter you wrote, and it said so many of the things I have been feeling in a well thought out and heart felt way."

"Your telegrams for Sara's retirement party were a SMASH HIT!!! What fun! They made the party SO special, and people were commenting about them for the rest of the afternoon. You really do have a knack for this. They are humorous and astute. You could start a little side business!" — Jo Mortland, librarian, Northeastern Illinois University


Note: No testimonials appear here from the computer company I worked for from 1988 to 2002. My boss was a programmer who hated to write, and once a year I was asked to write my own performance review.

"Alyce succeeded in striking the tone we were looking for — readable and user-friendly, without being chatty or cute. She nevertheless succeeded in explaining complex concepts, such as accruals, in language readily accessible to a beginner." — Linda Ketelaar, Human Resource Systems, Acme Markets, Inc., 1987

"Alyce is a very literate and articulate person with obvious journalistic skills. She has a congenial personality, is easy to work with, and is an exceptionally responsible and dependable person." — Harold W. Rast, Th.D., Executive Editor, Fortress Press, 1983

"Simply put, Alyce Barry is the best student I've encountered in my nine years of university teaching. As an intern for my own publication, Sun & Moon: A Journal of Literature & Art, Alyce read several dozens of manuscripts each week and selected those that were of high enough quality to be passed on to our advisory readers. Even more impressive are her editorial abilities. She has an excellent command of the language and was able to involve herself enthusiastically in the most arduous of editorial tasks. I came increasingly to rely on her abilities to rewrite critical essays. She also showed me several samples of her own writing, each of which revealed her dynamic and subtle thinking. That she is articulate, personable, and sociable on top of all her talents, help to make her an exceptional woman. I look forward to hearing of her reputation as an outstanding editor/writer in the future." — Douglas Messerli, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English, Temple University, Publisher and author of numerous books of poetry and literary criticism, 1982

"Alyce is a quick study in the very best sense of the word, without the sloppiness or lack of attention to detail which that phrase sometimes connotes. She is a fine writer and seems to be well-schooled in a remarkably wide range of subjects. She also has a well-developed sense of humor and is afflicted with an impressive work ethic." — Sandra W. Weckesser, attorney, Assistant Dean, Temple University School of Law, 1982

"Alyce Barry is one of our very best. Among the oustanding qualities that contribute to her success, first is Alyce's mature intellectual curiosity. Much of the time we are faced with diligent dullards or immature enthusiasts. So it's really exciting when someone like Alyce comes along who has disciplined, well-motivated intelligence and retains enthusiasm for intellectual adventure. Second is her articulateness. At a time when we most often deal with writing skills at a remedial level, it's almost culture shock to read one of Alyce's papers: fluent, precise, elegant. She has complete command of the written language. But I'm sure this will be strongly suspected by anyone who interviews her, since she is also superbly articulate in conversation. If times were better for philosophers, we would have urged more strongly that she continue on in the field. But I understand that her current ambitions lie elsewhere. Someone, in some profession, somewhere, who hires her is going to land an absolute prize." — Dr. Charles Dyke, Professor of Philosophy and Graduate Advisor, Temple University, 1982



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