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Testimonials to my Public Speaking

Audience members, speech to Karlin Sloan & Company, Oak Park, Illinois, July 2010:

"Extraordinary use of body language [in demonstrating shadows], really added to my understanding. Extremely clear presenter, with no wasted words or unnecessary digressions." — M.D.F.

"Wonderful and powerful stuff. [Shadow Work] looks like a powerful tool for growth." — R.P.E.

Audience members, speech to the Central Indiana Friends of Jung (CIFOJ), Indianapolis, Indiana, December 2008:

"I've attended a number of presentations sponsored by CIFOJ, all of them have been educational, most informative and some interesting.  The presentation Alyce made tonight was all that AND engaging. Her style was lively and subject matter relevant. I understood myself better after listening to her tonight. What a gift! I hope the organizers invite her back."

"Jung's ideas are so fascinating, yet I have never seen anyone present them in such an engaging way, Alyce brought them to life. By far the best speaker our group has ever hosted."

"I was impressed with the directness and simplicity of her presentation of material that can be quite challenging for those not familiar with Jung's work."

"I really liked this presentation. I thought she knew what she was talking about."

"I thought Alyce did a great job in describing how to approach shadow work.  She is a very sincere person. Her presentation was basic and appropriately cautious. I think we would all like to access the power and meaning behind our shadow sides, so I would highly recommend her as a speaker on this topic."


Audience members, speech to Stoll Foundation, June 2009:

"It was absolutely fascinating, relaxing, and she was very personable."

"Very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does."

"Thorough and full of possibilities."


Audience members, speech to Unity Church of Longmont, Colorado, January 2009:

"Good visual display, clear sequential presention order through concepts. A skilled presenter, very knowledgeable."

"Very enlightening. Made me become aware of the many parts of human expressions."

"Alyce makes it easy to understand with a good pace and simple style. Really interesting."

"Very interesting, thank you!"


Audience members, speech to International Coach Federation, Chicago chapter, Fall 2002:

"Fascinating, riveting."

"She clearly is talented and someone that has a lot of good info to share."

"Alyce was great. Very good examples. It's not easy to be on for so long and make it interesting and alive, but Alyce did."

"Very good program. I enjoyed the depth of this work."



"Great use of visual aids. The role playing was very effective. I appreciated feeling at liberty to ask questions in such a small, safe environment. You opened a non-threatening space for people to think about shadow and sort of try it on." — E.L., after attending an introduction to Shadow Work, Spring 2006

"I really enjoyed your [introductory] evening. The thing that I realize is that it is very difficult to describe the process of shadow work. Your demonstration is aimed at giving people a glimpse into the work, an incredible process that has to be tasted to be understood." — P.C., after attending an introduction to Shadow Work, Spring 2006

"The [tele]class was great, chock full of really great ideas. Alyce is well-spoken and has a way of saying things that are simple to grasp. The exercise was really good, too, I got a lot out of it." — Jeff Baugher, participant in teleclass, "Creating Safety and Trust in Your Groups," November 2005



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